There are so many adjectives I could use to describe this boy – hilarious, sweet, mischievous, snuggler, loving, and the list could go on.  He is so much fun right now.  He LOVES school this year and is finally showing some motivation to learn his letters, sounds, and numbers. 🙂  He can write his name, mom, and dad and is working on Molly Kate.  He asks me how to spell things all the time and loves to count to 100. 

This past week I was able to go wtih Seth on his first field trip.  He was beyond excited!  We went to Gentry’s Farm.  We went on a hayride, picked our own pumpkin, went through a hay maze, and many other things.  Seth loved all the animals on the farm and loved going on the hayride.  It was so great to spend a day with just him.  With three kids it is rare for me to get one on one time with each of them.  So when I am blessed to have a day like that it is so special to both of us.

Seth is a great friend to his brothers.  He and Carter play so well together.  They love to play ball (any kind) together.  They also love to wrestle, play star wars, batman, nerf guns, and wii.  Of course, like any other siblings, they have their share of fights.  Seth really knows how to push Carter’s buttons and doesn’t hesitate to do it.  Seth is very protective of Ethan.  He is always telling him to be careful and holds his hand in every parking lot and when we walk through car rider line to get Carter.  He takes his job of big brother very seriously.  While the other boys are excited about Molly Kate, Seth shows the most excitement.  He talks about her every day and prays for her every time we pray. 

Seth is playing soccer this fall for the first time.  He loves playing on a team, however he enjoys practice more than games. 🙂  He knows everyone on his team and loves socializing with them before and after his games and practices.  He is very social. 

Seth loves clothes.  He changes clothes 3-4 times every day.  He loves to get new clothes!  He picks his own clothes out every day and always asks me if he looks “cool” or “handsome.”  He wets and combs his own hair every morning.  Such a sweet boy! 🙂 

 Loves those big blue eyes!

 Seth and his good friend, Ansley.

 Seth’s Pre-K class

 There were pumpkins provided but Seth wanted to pick his own. 🙂



 He is very proud of his pumpkin! 

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