Molly Kate

I am going to try to do an update for each child.  Life is so busy right now and this is the best way for me to keep a record of our life at this moment. 

This has been a VERY exciting week for Molly Kate!  We received our approval from immigration and will soon mail off our dossier to China.  We have been working on our dossier since June.  It is a collection of many different papers (birth certificates, marriage certificate, doctor’s forms, police clearance, etc…).   We have spent many hours gathering all of these papers and then taking each paper through the 5 step sealing process.  Our immigration clearance is on its way to DC right now for the last step.  Hooray!!

Once our dossier is in China and logged in we will be eligible for a match.  That is SO EXCITING for our family!  While we know that God knows who our little girl is (and always has) we cannot wait to see her sweet little face.  I have no idea how soon we will receive a referral but we are praying for a quick match. 🙂

The boys continue to be VERY excited about their little sister.  Seth prays for her EVERY day.  Ethan says her name a lot – it sounds like “Mommy Kate” but I can tell what he is trying to say.  Despite the fact that we have been in this process since April, they have not lost their excitement for this little girl. That makes this mama’s heart very happy!


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