What can I say about this sweet boy??  He brings me so much joy right now but also brings me so much frustration (if I’m being honest). 🙂   In the last month he has really started talking.  While it took him a long time to start talking, now he is able to repeat everything you say!  We already puts words together in sentences and can ask for about anything he wants.  I am so thankful for this because he was starting to get really frustrated because we couldn’t understand the things he was trying to tell us.  He asks for Carter and Seth every morning before I even get him out of his bed.  He loves his big brothers.  He is also really rough with his big brothers and already knows how to push their buttons.  He can be quite mischievous and sits in time out many times every day.  He pouts while he sits there and always says, “Sorry Mama” when I go talk to him about why he is in time-out. 

Ethan started preschool a month ago.  He does not like separating from me each morning but I think he really likes school.  He says he has fun when I pick him up.  He can name a lot of the kids in his class and loves his two teachers.   Sweet story – When I dropped Seth and Ethan off at school on Thursday, Ethan cried (as usual) when he got out of the car (the teachers take the kids from the car in the morning – we don’t have to walk them in).  As I pulled away, I looked once more at the door where they boys were walking in – Seth is standing there giving Ethan a hug and trying to console him as he walks in the building.  Seth takes his role as big brother VERY seriously.  He is a GREAT big brother.

Ethan loves his Daddy!  He asks about him all day and constantly comes to me and says, “Daddy work?”  He carried around an old cell phone and will tell me he is going to call Daddy. He then has a 10 minute conversation with Zach.  It is very sweet.  He runs to the door every night when he hears Zach’s car.

Ethan is VERY strong-willed.  With two older brothers, I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.  🙂   He loves Mickey Mouse and Dora.  He can count to 10 and loves to sing “Pat the Bible” and the B-I-B-L-E.  He still LOVES his pappy (pacifier) and Baby (lovey).  He sleeps 7:30pm -7am and takes a 1.5-2 hour nap each day.  We LOVE him!!  Here is our crazy boy:


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