Today was the first day of preschool.  Seth is in the PreK-4’s class and Ethan is in the 2’s class. Seth was super excited to go to school this morning and see his buddies from last year.  He was a little nervous that his teacher was going to make him learn to read, but other than that, he couldn’t wait to get there. 🙂  I dropped him off and he was fine…no tears! 

Ethan seemed excited this morning and walked into school like a big boy.  Once we got to his classroom, he did not want to turn loose of his lunchbox.  When we asked him to put it with the other lunchboxes, he very plainly said, “no.”  Have I mentioned how strong-willed this little guy is??  I finally got it out of his hands and he walked into class fine.  No tears, no holding onto me…I was shocked.  But then I went to say good-bye and give him a kiss and he looked up at me with eyes that did not seem to understand why I was leaving.  Very quietly he said, “mama?”  I told him to have fun and I would see him in a little while.  He said “mama” a little louder this time.  By the time I walked out the door, I could tell the tears and screams were coming.  I can only assume that he thought today would be like Sneak-a-Peak on Friday.  I stayed the entire time and he played.  In his mind, why should today be any different?  Poor little guy.  The director of the preschool called me around 11:00.  Ethan cried for over an hour.  He kept trying to leave the room and was quite angry that his sweet teachers wouldn’t let him.  Again, have I mentioned his strong-will??  Finally, he stopped.  From what I’ve been told, the rest of the day went okay.  No more tears.  However, he did not take a nap so he was quite tired when we got home.  

I know preschool will be good for Ethan.  He has struggled so much with separation anxiety.  It has only been a few short weeks since he started going to class at church without screaming.  I am praying that each day gets a little easier for him and that he will start to have fun and look forward to it.  

I know Seth will do great.  I CANNOT believe this is his last year.  To think that he will be graduating at the end of the year and going to Kindergarten next year is unbelievable.  Having all my kids in school this year has made me realize how quickly it all goes by.  I thought I would NEVER have time to myself to actually get things done without three kids underfoot.  And today I had that.  It was definitely bittersweet.  I am SUPER excited about my Tuesdays and Thursdays but also can’t believe how quickly my kids are growing up.  It makes me want to treasure each day. 

 Ethan playing legos at Sneak-a-Peak on Friday.

Ethan looking at the Mickey Mouse book on Friday.

Miss Michele and Ethan coloring.  Miss Michele and Miss Ashley were also Carter and Seth’s teachers when they were in the two’s class.  We love them!

Seth and his two teachers – Miss Kim and Miss Cara.

 Seth was too busy playing in his favorite center to stop for a picture – Legos!

First day picture!  I can’t believe my boys had to wear pants on their first day.  It is freezing here right now!

My two preschool boys!

After picking up Ethan and Seth, I went to pick up Carter.  Once we got home, the boys laid down on my bed to watch one show.  Poor Ethan was asleep in less than 10 minutes!


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