End of summer…

This summer was our best yet.  For the past 7 years, I have either been pregnant or had a small one (a non-walker) during the summer months.  That makes the pool, park, and any other play date really difficult. 🙂  This year Ethan only takes one nap and can run around like the two older boys.  We made the most of it and had so many fun days!  In fact, Seth still asks every morning what we are doing fun today.  I don’t think he has realized that routine and reality have set in and summer days are gone for another year.  Here are a few pictures from our “fun days.”  (Adoption update below)

Seth loves climbing in trees.

He was pretty high!

And not to be out-done – here is Carter.

Our main activity of the summer – swimming!!  The two older boys took swimming lessons in June and turned into little fish.  The lessons were AMAZING!  When we started, I had two non-swimmers and now they love it!  So thankful!

Taking a break…

Carter going off the high dive into the 8-feet.

Daddy and Seth hanging on the side.  The boys ALWAYS wear their goggles.

We went to a Titans pre-season game.  Carter loved it.  Seth asked if he could go home after about 15 minutes.

We baked brownies and then licked the bowl…. 🙂

Seth started soccer!  Carter is playing baseball again and Seth decided on soccer.  He loves to get all dressed up for practice.  I can’t wait to see his first game!

Molly Kate Update

We are moving forward!  We mailed off our I-800A two weeks ago.  It takes an average of 8-10 weeks to gain approval from immigration.  Once we receive approval, we are ready to mail our dossier to China!  Gathering the many papers for our dossier has been a lot of work, but it is pretty much ready and waiting for our I-800A approval.  Once our dossier is in China, we can be matched with a little girl at any time. WOW!  The boys still talk about Molly Kate often and pray for her every night.  Even though we have not seen her face, we know that God knows who she is and we pray she is taken care of until we travel to bring her home.  We are praying for a fast I-800A turn around!


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