First day (and a prayer request)

Carter’s first day was a big success!  He woke up a little nervous this morning, but by the time we left for school he was excited.   I am SO thankful.  After last year’s extremely rough start, I am thrilled that today went so well.  I had prayed that today would go exactly as it did and as I walked out of his classroom with my other two boys, I actually started to tear up myself.  How did we get here so fast?  Even though I find it hard to believe that my oldest is so big, I am determined to enjoy this time – the present.  While looking in the past definitely has its place, I certainly don’t want to miss the here and now.  I want to enjoy each age, each stage, each BIG step forward, and remember all of these things as I watch my boys grow up.  God has blessed me with these 3 boys and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!

Here are pictures from our first day:





Carter and his teacher, Mrs. Hudson.  We have heard great things about her!

This is how I left my big boy – hard at work on his morning work.

Quick prayer request regarding the adoption – We have completed our home study.  Our social worker has written the report and it is currently being reviewed by our adoption agency.  We are waiting for it to be approved. Once approved (and notarized), we send our home study and several other papers to Homeland Security in DC.  Once our paperwork arrives in DC, we are looking at an 8-10 week wait for approval.  Please pray that we would get our home study approved and finalized QUICKLY.  I started the week thinking we would be mailing off all this paperwork this week and I have yet to even hear anything from our agency.  While I realize this is out of my control, I am still struggling to be patient.  In the past two weeks, I have become SO anxious to move ahead in this process.  It feels like we have been stuck in the same spot for a LONG time.  I am so anxious to see a picture of my little girl and learn more about her.  I know God knows her and is with her while she is in China, but I want to know her and care for her so badly.  Please pray for this next step to come quickly and for God’s timing in all of this.  Thank you!

One thought on “First day (and a prayer request)

  1. Awwww! Carter is a 1st grader!!!! That is just CRAZY to me! It passes so fast but I am so happy that his first day went very well! That is great! I think 1st grade will be harder for me than sending EA off to pre-K and K all day, even though it’s not really different. It just seems that 1st grade is “for real school!”
    I will be praying for a speedy adoption process…you are way more patient that I would ever be!


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