We had a great night at Katy’s Gifts on Thursday.  It was great to see so many sweet faces out to support our family and adoption of Molly Kate.  We feel very blessed by so many people.  The owners of Katy’s, Charlie and Sherilyn, provided us with such a great opportunity and then so many of our friends showed up to help make it a success.  We are so thankful for those that helped us that night as well as all of those people who came out to show us support and love.

The boys hosted a bake sale outside of the store and sold homemade baked goods to raise money for their baby sister.  Carter stood there the entire 3 hours making sales.  He was so proud of the money he earned to help Molly Kate.  Seth and Ethan joined him at times but it was hard for them to stand still. 🙂  We also sold Uganda beads, earrings, and t-shirts outside. I had friends outside helping with the bake sale as well as friends inside helping with the finger foods.  Our families helped us take care of our kids so that we could enjoy the night and talk to everyone that came out.  It was definitely a group effort!

Thanks to my friend, Ashley, for all the great pictures!

Family picture before the event begins.

Outside sign.

My college roommates and bake sale help!

Megan and Kelsey helping us out!

Craig volunteered at the last minute to face paint for us.

Seth would be carried all day if we could do it. 🙂

Seth, Jackson, and Carter painted as warriors.

Just one of the adorable signs my friend Ashley made for me.

Ethan munching on some strawberries outside.

Charlie, Zach, and Jason

Phil and Sherilyn – our wonderful talent for the night.

Carla and Ashley – sweet friends!

Trent and Elisha

Anna – always willing to help and a blessing to me

Craig, Rane, Dad, Spencer, and Pierson – so blessed to have all of my family there that night!

Toni and Stephanie – love them!

Bruce and Allenna – such a big help with the boys.

Kristi and Emma

Liz and Renee

David and Lisa

Ashley and her sweet girls

Maria, Whitney, Alison, Beth, and Cassie

Claire and Audrey helping their mama shop.

Marie, Amanda, and Kayleigh


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