Zach, Carter, and Seth traveled to Ohio in July for a long weekend.  Zach wanted to visit his grandfather and extended family.  While Ethan and I would have liked to tag along we did not think it was a good idea to put Ethan back in the car for a long car trip.  We had already spent a lot of time in the car that summer and honestly, traveling long distances with Ethan is not fun.

The boys had a great trip.  Carter does really well in the car on long trips.  He spends most of his time watching movies.  Seth will watch some tv but he really likes to talk in the car. I know Zach had a few moments of insanity after listening to Seth carry on conversations for hours on end. 🙂

The boys loved visiting their cousins, Tyler and Cody, and their two dogs!  Seth had been asking about the dogs every day for over a week.  He is usually terrified of dogs (very terrified), but he loves their small dog, Daphne.  After a few days he also warmed up to the medium sized dog, Angel.  They also spent some time at the baseball field and hanging out in the backyard roasting smores.  Overall, it was a great weekend with family.

All of the boys went to the baseball field on Saturday and even the “big” boys got to play for a bit.

Seth spent most of his time at the baseball field playing with Daphne.

Carter waiting patiently on his turn.

Carter liked hitting but not fielding.

I had to include this picture of Ethan from that weekend. He loves silly bands right now and spent 20 minutes trying to get all of these on his wrist.  He was so proud!

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