Holiday World 2011

Every summer, my four college roommates and I take our kids to Holiday World.  This is the third year we have done it.  Each year the group of kids gets a little bit bigger. 🙂  Last year we only had 5 kids with us and this year we had 9!  It was crazy but very fun!  We drove up on Wednesday and spent the night with Melissa’s sister in Santa Claus.  The kids LOVE spending the night there.  They have an awesome backyard and playground and the kids love getting to sleep in the basement all together.  The next morning (after very little sleep), we ate breakfast and headed over to Holiday World.  It is a great park and the kids especially LOVE the water park, Splashin’ Safari.  It was so much more fun for me this year because Carter and Seth actually know how to swim and enjoy it.  Last year I spent the entire day trying to talk Carter into getting in the water, going down a water slide, etc…  I didn’t even attempt to take Seth because I KNEW he wouldn’t do anything.  After some amazing swim lessons from Coach Scott (cannot say enough good things about him), my boys have turned into little fish.

After a great, long day at the park, we changed into dry clothes and started our 3 hour trip home.  We stopped and ate dinner and the kids fell asleep about the time we crossed into Tennessee.  We had so much fun!!

How would you like to have this table as a waiter???

Outside of Cheddars.  We love to eat there on our way.

Ready for the sleepover.

All the kiddos ready for the park.

Kids and Mamas

Seth going down on of the smaller water slides.

Carter loved the slides this year.

One last ride before we head home…

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