Thursday night!!

I have not done a good job lately of keeping my blog up-to-date.  I have so many pictures and posts that I need to add.  But for now, I am consumed with one thing – Molly Kate!!  We are busy getting ready for our fundraiser this Thursday night.  We have ordered t-shirts, mailed out postcards, and emailed about everyone we know.  We are thrilled to have this amazing opportunity at Katy’s Gifts.  If you have never been to the store, you will love it.  I promise!  It is not your average Hallmark store…they have so many amazing things!!  And a 10% discount too!  What a great deal for everyone!  My boys are also having a bake sale outside of the store and cannot wait to sell homemade baked goods for their baby sister!  It is going to be such a special night for our family!

Zach and I are also busy finishing up our Home Study.  We have completed our four visits and are waiting to receive the report for us to look over.  Once the Home Study is complete, we mail it off (along with several other papers) to Immigration and the Department of Homeland Security.  We have been given an 8-10 week average wait time for approval of  that process.  While we wait, we will be busy obtaining lots of different papers.   After obtaining each document, it then has to go through a 4 step sealing process.  It is truly a huge undertaking but one that is TOTALLY worth it!!

Thanks for checking in with us!  I’ll leave you with one picture of our boys wearing their new t-shirt.

The boys in their adoption shirts


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