Last week Zach and I were fortunate enough to take a vacation (without kids!) to the Dominican Republic. We left on Saturday with two of our great friends, Clay and Stephanie. We have been so excited about this trip. It has been 6 years since Zach and I took a long trip away from our kids. He has been trying to get me away for a long time, but it has taken me awhile to feel comfortable leaving my kids. I know I’m crazy but that is just the way I am. 🙂

We spent the entire week completely relaxing and doing NOTHING! It was great. I was completely content to sit under my thatch roof umbrella reading a book and taking an occasional nap. We did spend time in the water (which was amazing) and even ventured out on a sea kayak. We spent time in the pool, which was amazing. We paid a little extra to be in the adult only area, which was great. Being in a pool without kids splashing and jumping was super nice and definitely not what we are used to! We all four had conversations without being interrupted by our kiddos. A rare treat!

The food was just okay. The dinners were really nice, but the lunch and breakfast buffets were not so hot. I am a picky eater so maybe I was the only one that felt this way. I also really missed having cold drinks. You would get a piece or two of ice in each drink and when the air temp is about 100, that melts pretty fast! I was super excited when we arrived at the airport Wednesday afternoon and saw a Wendy’s. A real coke…yum!!!

Although I was ready to come home after 4 nights away from my boys, the week was amazing. We plan to make vacations more of a priority in the future and can’t wait to plan our next one. Thank you to our wonderful parents who kept our boys and took care of everything while we were away!

My view all week. 🙂
The water was AmAzInG! I have never seen water so blue!
Ready for dinner!
In the lobby waiting for dinner…
Our great Hibatchi chef.
My favorite spot!
Ready to go home and see my boys!!

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