Hilton Head Island 2011

We left for our family vacation the Saturday after school let out for the summer. The boys had been counting down the days for two weeks or so. Especially Seth. He LOVES being with his cousins. This year we went to Hilton Head and had a great time. The house we rented was so nice and the pool was fantastic. The beach was just a short walk and the boys loved the ocean. We went to the ocean every morning after breakfast. Ethan really didn’t like the sand. He would cry everyday when he first stepped on it. After a few minutes, he would adjust and enjoy playing in it. Carter spent the entire time at the beach trying to catch fish or crabs. Seth loved to stand in the water and jump over the waves. Carter and Seth were very brave this year and got in all the way up to their chest. Ethan wandered around between the sand and the water.

After lunch the kids were so excited to get in the pool. The pool at this house was SO nice and big! The babies took a nice, long nap and the big kids stayed in the water the entire time. Carter decided he was ready to swim without floaties and put his head underwater! Big steps for my boy!!! By the end of the week, he could swim the length of the pool without his floaties! Seth tried several times and did well. I think he is really close. Ethan did get in the water but didn’t want to use the floaties. He really wanted to be held (or stand up in the hot tub).

We had so much fun with our family and were sad to see the week end. It is always a blessing to get away for awhile and enjoy some down time. I took so many pictures. Here are a small few…

These two boys are a mess! They love each other and are so funny together. Check out the shoes!
My oldest beach bum!

My sweet Seth!

My baby!
Seth and Ella Ann jumping over the waves.
Trying to get a good picture of the three of them.

Carter and his net.
Craig was great with the kids all week.

Checking out his loot.
Seth and Ethan checking out their collections.
My big boy swimming to Zach without floaties! So proud!

Ethan loved his afternoon popsicle!

Spencer, Craig, and the kids eating their daily popsicle.
Ethan hanging out with Papa on the side of the pool.
Playing at an awesome park in Sea Pines.
A night out for ice cream!
Ethan LOVED Pierson’s bumbo seat!

Carter, Ella Ann, and Seth went to play putt-putt with Zach one night. They loved it!
While taking these pictures I was getting so frustrated that the boys would not cooperate. Now, looking at this picture, I realize that it is perfect. A perfect depiction of my boys.

Papa and Nana and all the kiddos. Can you imagine how crazy the house is all week long!?!!?!?

Our last breakfast at the house before getting in the car for the dreaded 9 hour drive.
This kid was a mess on the way home. He did not travel well at all this time. I finally gave up and handed him my almost empty McDonalds drink. It kept him occupied for quite a while!

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