Discovery Center

Carter’s Kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Discovery Center yesterday. Even though it is close, we have never been there. The first half of the trip, the kids were outside exploring different nature centers. Carter was excited because he got to touch a snake and a turtle. He also got to use a net to fish for minnows, tadpoles, and small fish. After a short break at the playground, the kids ate lunch before we headed inside. There were several places to explore inside. It is basically a hands-on museum for kids. Carter and his friends ran from one thing to the next for an hour before it was time to go home. It was a great trip! Carter has had such a good Kindergarten year. His teacher is amazing!!! I can’t believe he is almost a 1st grader!

Carter trying to convince his friend that touching a snake is fun, not gross! 🙂
Carter and his good buddy. They held hands almost the entire time. At what age, is that not okay anymore? I think it is sweet. Zach really didn’t. Who knows?Carter tried really hard to catch something.

His entire class and teacher.
One quick picture before I was off to pick up the other boys.

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