Playing with cousins

Last weekend, Spencer, Katie, and their kids visited from Atlanta. Katie’s college girlfriends were getting together in Franklin, so Spencer and the kids stayed with mom and dad. We missed Katie, but loved spending time with Spencer and the kids. Craig and Kasey came over as well and of course the kids loved playing with them. Craig bought new outside toys for the kids and they all loved their new water guns, bubbles, and balls. We had to pull Rane and Ethan inside at the end of the day…they had so much fun playing outside.

I love the pictures from this weekend. We didn’t do anything special, just enjoyed a great weekend outside together. It was great!

Lazy day outside. The kids (and adults) really enjoyed their Happy Hour Sonic drinks. 🙂
They play so well together! I can’t wait until they get to see each more often.

These two are going to be so close. They started playing together this weekend. So sweet!

I couldn’t resist this picture of Rane. He played SO hard all day. He is all boy! (Hope you don’t mind, Katie) 🙂

The big kids getting ready for their water gun fight!

One thought on “Playing with cousins

  1. Ohhhh these pictures are hilarious!!! I can believe Rane got so dirty! Before I even scrolled down and saw that one pic of him I commented to Spencer about how terrible he looks in that one above it with Ethan! hahahaa! Looks like the kids had a grand time outside! Glad to have missed bath time, though! ha! 🙂


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