Family Weekend

Last weekend Spencer and Katie came to visit and show off their new little one. Little Pierson is SO cute and we all loved holding her and loving on her! Ethan was especially smitten with her and stayed in her face most of the time. He also loved sitting in her bouncy seat while she was napping in the pack-and-play. I’m amazed the seat is still standing. šŸ™‚

After dinner together on Friday night, Carter, Seth, Ella-Ann, and Ethan all came back to our house to spend the night. The big kids were great and loved having a sleepover in Carter’s room. They play SO well together.

On Saturday, we were blessed with a beautiful day. The entire family spent the day at Mom and Dad’s house. We were able to spend a lot of time outside, which all the kids loved. My Uncle Mike, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Connie, and Nanny also came to visit and meet Pierson. It was a great day together.

Papa, Pierson, and Ethan

Little Miss Pierson (who I think looks just like Ella-Ann)

Seth, Carter, and Ella-Ann enjoying their oatmeal Saturday morning.

I love this picture! Like our other two boys, Ethan is obsessed with balls. He says the word “ball” about 200 times a day.

Rane, Seth, and Ethan playing in the mulch with Spencer and Craig’s old tractors.

I’m not sure why Carter is in trouble here, but I thought the picture was funny.

Uncle Craig helping Ethan ride on the scooter.

Even though they fight like crazy, they really do well play together.

He really does think he is as big as Carter and Seth.

Our little monkey!

I know I have put way too many pics of Ethan on this post, but he was so much fun on Saturday. I love seeing him happy and playing outside.

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