Happy Birthday, Carter!!

I know I am probably in denial, but I do not feel old enough to have a 6 year old! He is more than halfway done with his Kindergarten year and has grown up so much over the past year. We celebrated his birthday today at Chuck-e-Cheese with a few of his friends. He had so much fun and went to bed tonight completely exhausted from celebrating all weekend (more to come on that later).

A few things about Carter at 6 years old:

  • He is doing so well in school. His reading has really improved over the last month and he loves to practice every night. We read his Star Wars books together every night and they are definitely his favorite.
  • After a VERY rocky start to Kindergarten, he seems to love it now. He has met so many new friends and comes home talking about different kids he meets on the playground every week. He has a super sweet teacher and we are so thankful for his school.
  • He is still really into Star Wars. He loves to watch the movies and play with the figures.
  • He still doesn’t play with toys very much. He does play with action figures, they seem to be the exception. He loves to work legos and play the wii. During the summer, he definitely prefers to be outside.
  • He is playing baseball for the 2nd year. Zach coaches his team and he loves it. It is his favorite sport right now.
  • Since starting Kindergarten, he has definitely developed more attitude. He constantly complains that he is bored and everything is boring. He also tells me I’m mean when he doesn’t get his way. This has led to more discipline for him and more frustration for us but we know that it is normal at his age (at least that is what I’m telling myself). 🙂

LOVE this boy!

All smiles for his Daddy!

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