Happy Birthday, Seth!!

Seth has been counting the days until his 4th birthday. He is in such a hurry to grow up – mostly because he wants to be just like Carter. We celebrated his party yesterday at Pump It Up, an inflatable party place. He had so much fun! I loved watching him interact and play with his friends, although he played the most with his Daddy. Zach is so good about getting in there and playing with him – sliding down the slides, playing basketball in the bouncy house, running through the obstacle course, etc… (I think Zach had as much fun as Seth. 🙂

A few things about Seth at 4 years old:

  • He is so funny! He is our family clown (although I feel Ethan is going to get him a run for his money on this title). He always makes us laugh and does the funniest things. Yesterday he asked (for the millionth time) if he was 4 yet. I told him no, not yet. He said, “Good, because being 4 means swimming lessons and shots.” 🙂 When he walked in my room this morning, I told him happy birthday. He said, “Am I 4? Right now?” I assured him he was. He looked himself up and down, trying to see if he had grown now that he is four. He told that he definitely felt bigger. 🙂
  • He never stops talking. Our car is never quiet. He is always asking a question, telling a story, or singing a song.
  • His favorite movie is “Lion King” (still). He really doesn’t care too much about TV. He’ll watch it, but is easily distracted. His absolute favorite thing to do right now is play the Wii. He would play forever if I let him.
  • He loves Batman and all superheros. He informed me yesterday that all the superheroes are just pretend. After a few seconds of silence, he said, “Except Superman, Mommy, he is definitely real.”
  • He is my most picky eater. Once a week or so, he doesn’t eat dinner because he doesn’t like what we have (and I refuse to make 2 dinners). He eats like a bird at lunch, but eats a pretty good breakfast. He also started refusing milk last month. I tried forcing him to drink it every morning for a while and that didn’t work. Now, all he drinks is water and a cup of juice a day. He still eats a lot of dairy in the form of yogurt and cheese.
  • He still LOVES to wrestle with his Daddy.
  • He LOVES to be outside and asks often when it is going to be warm enough to play outside.
  • He loves to be at home. He loves school (once he gets there), but it is usually a battle in the morning. He prefers to stay at home and play.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Seth!!

  1. I was just surfing blogs and I saw this. I love Batman and the Lion King is my favorite movie. Seth is a smart kid.


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