Sunday night we received 4 inches of snow overnight. In light of the forecast, schools were cancelled before we went to bed Sunday night. Carter was thrilled to have a day off (and I was too). When the boys woke up Monday morning they were super excited to see all the snow outside. Zach’s company closed for the day as well.

The boys (and Zach) had a lot of fun outside. Ethan was really excited to get out in the snow as well, although he didn’t make it very long. He just wanted to be held and when Zach put him down he screamed. I brought him in after 15 minutes. I got his wet clothes off and wrapped him in a blanket and sat him in his anywhere chair. He sat there and didn’t move for 20 minutes. The other boys stayed out for another 45 minutes. The snow made excellent snowballs and Carter and Seth loved throwing them at Zach. After the snowball fight, they each built a mini snowman.

Carter in action.

Seth in action.

Daddy and Ethan.

Zach and his boys.

They were very proud of their snowmen.

I had to include this one of Ethan. He LOVES to dress up! He wore this cape for quite a while.

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