Christmas Happenings

Just like everyone else, we have been very busy over the last few weeks. We have had so much fun participating in several of our favorite Christmas traditions. One of the boys recent favorites is the Elf on the Shelf. The boys rush down the steps every morning to see where “Elfie” (their Elf on the Shelf) landed after visiting Santa. They love this! Earlier this month, Seth thought he would test the rules and decided to touch Elfie (a big no-no for those that are not familiar with the story). According to the book, if you touch the Elf he may lose his magic powers. Carter (our rule follower) was very upset. Seth was pretty proud of himself because Elfie didn’t disappear when he was touched. To teach our little stinker a lesson, we put Elfie away and left a note from Santa. When I read it to the boys, their eyes were as wide as saucers. When I finished, Carter immediately pointed to Seth and said, “He did it.” Needless to say, Elfie has not been bothered since. 🙂

Here are some pictures of our recent Christmas events:

We always visit Santa at our Children’s Minister’s house. The boys love going every year. I knew I would be in the picture because there was no way Ethan was going to get in Santa’s lap. Ethan is still going through major separation anxiety.
Sunday night was our church’s Dinner at Bethlehem. Unfortunately, we had major snow on Sunday afternoon (4 inches). Nashville does not handle snow well at all. The kids were able to perform their drama but all the other events of the night were canceled. This picture background was set up by a very talented photographer, so I snapped this quick picture before we headed out for our SLOW drive home. 🙂

Carter (the cow) and his buddy, Lyla waiting for the drama to begin. They sang “Away in a Manger” as part of the drama. They did so good!

The only picture I got to take. I had Ethan and Seth (Zach was part of the drama) and they were tired of sitting. Ethan was hard to handle, so I barely got to watch the drama much less take pictures. I was proud of my little cow, though. He did great!

The good part about the snow was playing outside! Can you tell they were excited!?!?!

If you even knew how silly he really is… 🙂

The whole gang!

Ethan pretty much stood just like this until he decided this was not for him. He wanted to stay outside but only if I would hold him. It was freezing (about 18 degrees), so we didn’t stay long.

Seth had his preschool party on Tuesday. He loved decorating his tree ornament.

Ethan loves sitting at the table with the big kids.

Carter’s Kindergarten class built gingerbread houses this morning. I was able to go and help and had so much fun!

Carter and his buddy, Grace, working hard on their houses.

The finished product!

Stay tuned for Seth’s Christmas Program, Carter’s class party, Christmas with the Evans’ and of course, Christmas Day!

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