Early Christmas

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with my family. My sister-in-law and brother are due with their third child in 4 weeks so they will not be able to travel around Christmas this year. I have to admit that it was nice to spread out the celebrations a little bit. We had a great weekend and really enjoyed our time together. The boys had been looking forward to the weekend the entire week. Seth would ask every morning if Rane and Ella-Ann were coming today. When I finally told him yes on Friday, he was ecstatic! He would not take a nap because he couldn’t calm down. 🙂

On Friday night, we went to Mom and Dad’s house to eat dinner and open gifts. Although I enjoy hosting at my house, I will admit, it was SO nice to be at someone else’s house and have a break! Spencer brought a fuse-ball table from Atlanta (he bought it and doesn’t have room to store it yet). Craig and Spencer put it together in Mom and Dad’s living room. I’m not sure that Mom loved it, but Carter was so excited!! I think he drove Spencer and Craig crazy playing that game. Everyone is trying to convince me to put it in my dining room for a month or two. I’m tempted, but I know it would drive me nuts. Carter would be thrilled though so I have to consider it. 🙂

The kids LOVED opening their presents and were excited with each gift. They had so many favorites. All of the kids spent the night with Mom and Dad that night. I think it was pretty crazy. How could it not be with two 1-year olds, a 3-year old, and 2 5-year olds! The kids were up at 5:45 for the day. At my house, Spencer, Katie, Zach, and I enjoyed a peaceful night without kids. We actually had an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep! 🙂 Thanks, Mom and Dad!

On Saturday, we spent some time at Mom and Dad’s house and at our house. The big kids played a million games of Star Wars Guess Who and the little ones attempted to share their toys (big emphasis on the word attempted). We put the kids down right at 7 and did not hear a peep. They were so exhausted!

Spencer, Katie, and the kids left on Sunday morning and we were so sad to see them go. Next time we see them, we will have a new little niece to love on! I can’t wait! I am hopeful for the day when we will all be close together. Despite being three weeks early, we had a great weekend celebrating Christmas together!

They love each other!

Carter and Seth right in the middle of the big guys!

Carter opening up “How to Train your Dragon”. He is very excited about our next family movie night. 🙂

Seth got Batman sheets for his new full size bed. Carter got Star Wars sheets. You wouldn’t think they would be excited about sheets, but Seth couldn’t wait to take a nap today!

Ethan loves to wear any kind of glasses – goggles, sunglasses, etc… He immediately grabbed Rane’s new work goggles and modeled them for everyone.

The boys opening their pillow pets. They have been asking for these for a long time!

My sweet boy opening his dog pillow pet.

After opening all those new presents, what did they want to play with the next day? The boxes, of course! Rane and Seth were in the other box.


All the kids doing art on Saturday. About 5 minutes after this request, Ethan and Rane had to leave the table because they kept putting everything in their mouth!

Dad sat down with a piece of red velvet cake on Saturday night. He didn’t even take a bite before Rane and Ethan were on top of him begging for bites.

All of the cousins on Sunday morning before church. I think 4 of 5 looking at the camera is pretty good!

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