My little monster

What a cutie! I couldn’t resist snapping these pictures of Ethan in his new shirt. He doesn’t get many new clothes. With two big brothers, pretty much everything he wears has been passed down. I love seeing him in new clothes (probably because I am tired of seeing the same clothes over and over again). But I’ll be honest and say that this shirt definitely fits his personality right now. He is proving to be my most difficult toddler. Carter and Seth definitely had their issues (such as, crying for their first 4 months of life). Ethan was an EASY baby. I guess I am receiving payback now. 🙂 He is into everything. I pull him out of the trash can, and he gets into the pantry. While I’m cleaning up the pantry, he is pulling every single ziploc bag out of the box (think about 200 bags). After the bags, he moves to the dishclothes, tupperware, bibs, etc… Pretty much anything that isn’t locked up or closed off (all bathroom doors remain closed at all times), he is into. I know this is normal and I know it will change soon enough. I try to keep that in mind everyday when I am cleaning up the same thing for the 10th time that day. I guess that is life with a toddler. 🙂

He is super sweet though. He will snuggle anytime. He loves to be read to and will push anybody out of my lap if he wants in. He loves to be rocked and will cuddle up with his blanket and paci anytime he is ready to rest. Despite his normal toddler behaviors, I LOVE my little monster.

He looks so much like Carter in this picture.

What you can’t tell from these pictures is that I was being chased by Ethan the entire time I was trying to take his picture. Now that he can walk, he kept walking towards the camera and trying to grab it. They are not the greatest pictures but capture his personality right now.

I just realized that you can’t really see the monster on his shirt. He was insistent on carrying around his new Rudolph animal. Oh well, he is still a cutie!

One thought on “My little monster

  1. He is SO cute! Looks so much like Carter at that age! Can't wait to see you all again next weekend! I need to rest up for sure! Love the shirt, of course!


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