Trunk or Treat

On Sunday night, we attended Trunk-or-Treat at our church. This is a huge annual event and one of my favorite nights of the year. Carter and Seth were so excited to get dressed up, see their friends, and get some candy! Our LIFE group hosted a “trunk” this year. We set up a background and took pictures of the kids and their families. It turned out really nice and I think everyone liked getting their picture made. It was really fun to see all the kids in their costumes.

Our LIFE group “trunk.” Ethan was a purple dragon, Seth was Superman (or as he referred to himself, SuperSeth) and Carter was Bumblebee.

Our little dragon. It was so warm outside, Ethan didn’t even wear the top half of his costume most of the night. It was still 80 degrees at 7pm.

Love these two boys! Cooper (and his family) were back in town for Trunk-or-Treat. It was great to see them and Seth was thrilled to see his best friend!

I don’t even want to talk about the amount of candy Ethan ate. He has such a temper and I really didn’t want to fight with him last night. He would only stay in the stroller if we were moving or he was eating. On a positive note, he is starting to walk more. I think he will be SO much happier when he can run around with his brothers (I know I will be!).

One thought on “Trunk or Treat

  1. We won't talk about Elye's candy consumption either. I have figured out the second child gets treats way sooner than the first child ever did. Love the purple dragon. Elye had a dog costume, but refused to wear it. I am impressed he kept it on.


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