Gentry’s Farm

Last Friday, Carter had his first Kindergarten field trip. All the Kindergarten classes went to Gentry’s Farm, a local pumpkin patch. I was blessed to be able to attend since Zach’s mom offered to keep the two little boys. Thank you, Allenna! It was the perfect day for a fall field trip. I don’t know hardly any of the kids in Carter’s class or the parents, so it was a nice opportunity to get to know some new people.

Despite Carter’s rocky start to school, he loves school now. I am so thankful! It was SOOOO hard to send him to school every morning when he was upset. There were several mornings that he would not get out of the car. It broke my heart. It is such a relief to hear him say that he loves school. He has a sweet class and a great teacher.

Here are some pictures from our field trip:

Carter’s class. He is in the back row, 4th from the left.

Trying to find that perfect pumpkin.


This picture is random, but I wanted to include it on my blog. Ethan is enjoying his first cookie on a stick (made by my friend, Megan). To say that Ethan loved the cookie is a huge understatement. 🙂 He worked on that cookie forever. This boy LOVES to eat!

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