Fall Break

While Carter and Seth were on fall break, the boys and I traveled to Owensboro to see my parents. On Sunday afternoon, we spent a couple of hours at the Apple Festival, an annual festival that we have attended for the past several years. The boys love that kind of thing and enjoyed another day outside. I spent most of the time nauseous after Seth made me ride the spinning dinosaurs with him (think tea-cups). Ugh. We got stuck with two pre-teen girls that spun our car the entire time. Seth loved the rides. Carter loved the apple slider (a huge tube slide) that he did about 30 times. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera so I don’t have any pictures from the festival.

On Monday, we went shopping, out to lunch, and to the park. The boys had so much fun at the park. Ethan was wild. Even though he is still not walking (very frustrating), he wanted to play just like everyone else. The boy had mulch EVERYWHERE. He climbed on every play structure and even went down the big slides. He refused to have help and wanted to do it all himself. He is so strong-willed. I wish I had though to get him on video with my phone. It was so funny!

On Tuesday, we left to come home. On our way home we went to my Nanny’s house for a few hours. The boys always enjoy visiting with her. It was a great day!

Mr. Stubborn climbing up the steps.


Carter was very proud of himself.


Seth coming down the slide.


And Ethan trying to go up the slide. 🙂

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