Since school started about a month ago, time has flown by. The weeks and months always seemed to go by fast, but now I am amazed at how quickly the weeks pass. I can only assume it is because we are so much busier. Carter has adjusted to school and seems to enjoy going every day. He loves his teacher and has made friends in his class. Seth is doing well in preschool. He loves his teachers and is excited to go on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Ethan has had a hard time adjusting to the boys being gone. He has become extremely attached to me. He doesn’t play as well when they are not home. Poor little guy just misses his brothers.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.

Carter started his second season of soccer a few weeks ago. His team is named the Lightsabers (which, of course, Carter loves).

Carter (#2) about to score his first goal!


Love him!

Ethan is still not walking, but now pushes everything around the house. This little wagon is one of his favorites.

Carter rode the bus home for the first time. He got off one stop too early, but otherwise, really liked it!

Such a big boy!

Ethan is my climber. He climbs on and into everything.

Our little cowboy. The last day of spirit week involved each student dressing up.

Our little Cookie Monster!

One thought on “Lately…

  1. Great pictures Mandy! I love Ethan's Cookie Monster shirt and I cannot believe how much he's already changed since we saw you all!


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