This past weekend, Zach, Carter, Seth, and I traveled to Sevierville, Tennessee to reunite with some of our best friends. Ethan stayed back in Franklin with my parents for the weekend. We went to the Wilderness at the Smokies. It was such an awesome facility and we loved getting to spend time with our friends again. Carter and Seth could not wait to see Ella and Cooper. Seth has asked about his little best friend almost daily since they moved. They have shared letters back and forth and poor little Seth was very upset last week when he came home from school and realized Cooper was not in his class (he was last year).

We arrived at the hotel around 8 Friday night. Of course, the kids wanted to go to the indoor water park that night. We let them go for about an hour before bed. They were so excited and it took forever to get them to sleep. They were up by 7 on Saturday morning ready to play. They enjoyed playing in our hotel rooms until the water park opened. They loved the bunk beds and spent a lot of time jumping around on the beds. At 9am we headed to the indoor water park (it was pouring rain outside so we couldn’t visit the outdoor pools). The kids played in the wave pool, went down the water slides, and played in a regular pool.

Around 2 on Saturday, the skies cleared and we were able to visit the outdoor pool area. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy another part of the water park. The outdoor area was awesome. It had great water slides, a hot tub, a kids splash area, as well as a regular pool. All of the kids (minus Seth) loved going down the outside water slides. After spending a couple of hours outside, we went in to get ready for dinner. We ate at The Apple Barn. The kids were treated to a special treat at the candy store after dinner. We took some time after dinner to take a few group pictures. After dinner, we played bananagrams and watched some football before bed.

On Sunday, we spent a couple of hours at the indoor water park before it was time to check out. Zach and Clay tried body surfing (pics to come soon) while the kids cheered them on. 🙂 We ate lunch together on our way out of town. It was a great weekend and we hope to do it again next year!

Carter on the tube in the wave pool.

Seth and Cooper hanging out together taking a rest.

Poor Seth! Zach and I misunderstood each other when talking about taking Seth down this slide. I asked him to take Seth down the slide and he thought I just meant send him down the slide. The poor kid cried and screamed the whole way down. He got completely turned around and ended up coming down on his back head first. I felt so bad for him!

After the sliding ordeal…

Zach and Carter coming out of the tube water slide.

Zach and the boys in the hot tub. They loved the hot tub!

My sweet Seth!

My big boy Carter!

Carter loved this water slide.

They love each other and play so well together.

Silly faces!

Group shot!

The kids – hanging out outside of The Apple Barn.

The adults – hanging out outside of The Apple Barn.

Our family (minus Ethan)

2 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Very fun weekend! I love the pics of Seth from he big slide…I have to say that is so funny! 🙂 I did the exact same thing to EA when she was smaller and sent her down a big indoor slide by herself. I don't think she got on a slide for another 1 1/2 years….I traumatized her!!!!!


  2. Sorry, but I think the picture of Seth coming down the slide is hilarious. I laughed out loud! If it's any consolation, that happened to Thatcher last summer at Disney. This spring, though, you could not pry the kid off of the water slide! BTW, my dad's idea of heaven is eating at The Apple Barn. He loves that place.


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