Seth’s first day

Today was Seth’s first day of preschool. He loved school last year and has anxiously been waiting for his first day to come. Since Carter’s first day was three weeks ago, I have enjoyed some time with just Seth and Ethan over the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed it. I was happy for Seth to start to school this morning because he was ready but there was also a big part of me that was sad to see him go. I am really missing my two big boys!! Before I get really emotional about this and go on and on about how long the school day is, I will just stop typing and put some cute pics up of my boys. 🙂

Seth at Sneak-a-Peak last week. He colored almost the entire time.

Poor Ethan – we walked in the church door and he started crying! (This boy does not like leaving his mama right now.) After I got him calmed down, he started playing and made a friend. Seth’s classmate played with Ethan almost the entire time. Sweet!

Our big 3 year old!

Best friends! I promise one of these days Ethan will be able to walk and stand up and get in some of these pictures. 🙂

Seth and his two teachers. He is very excited about having the same teachers Carter had at this age (and so am I)!

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