The Zoo

Today was an absolutely perfect day at our house. The weather here was amazing (mid 70s and sunny with no humidity). We spent the morning at the zoo, ate a picnic lunch, came home for nap, washed/cleaned the cars, and took a 45 minute walk in the neighborhood with Carter riding his bike while Seth and Ethan rode in the wagon. It was so nice to be outside most the day and all three boys loved spending that much time outdoors. It has been SO hot lately, that we haven’t been outside much and today was a much needed break in the heat. It makes me very excited for the fall.

Here are some pictures from our trip to the zoo.

Look at those cheeks!

My sweet baby boy!

The giraffes were so close today. The boys were excited to see them up close.

The zoo opened a new flamingo exhibit. The boys really enjoyed it (and so did Zach and I)!

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