First day of Kindergarten

Today was Carter’s first day of Kindergarten. I seriously cannot believe this time has come. I know he is ready, but it is definitely hard to think about him spending more time at school than with me. Carter has been really excited for school all summer but over the last few days he has become pretty nervous. Thankfully, when he woke up this morning, he was very excited to go to school!

We arrived at Hunters Bend for his half day at 9am. All the students went to the cafeteria first and waited for their teacher to walk them to class. As soon as we walked in, Carter saw 3 of his preschool buddies. Although they will not be in the same Kindergarten class, it was still comforting to see people that we know. He felt very comfortable once he sat down with them. I was so thankful!

Mrs. Larson walked us to the classroom and Carter found his cubby and started exploring the classroom. He was very excited and wasn’t upset at all for us to leave. It wasn’t too hard for me since he was so happy. I know if he had cried, I would have been really upset. I hope and pray that he continues to love school! We are very excited about his Kindergarten year.

All dressed up!

My blue-eyed boy!

Ethan loves his big brother!

All the boys!

Carter and his preschool buddies – Kate, Margaret, and Lyla.

Carter and Mrs. Larson.

Seth and I made cookies for Carter to have after his first day of school.

When discussing Carter’s first day, I asked him what he learned about today. He very calmly turned to me and said, “Well, I didn’t learn to read yet.” 🙂 Can you tell he is ready to read?

2 thoughts on “First day of Kindergarten

  1. Love all the pictures! Carter is going to love Kindergarten! I would always have one or two Kindergarteners ask me when they were going to learn to read–on the first day! Too funny!


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