Family Reunion 2010

This past Saturday my extended family gathered for our annual family reunion. This includes my entire family (Dad, Mom, brothers and their families), my grandmother, my aunts and uncles, and all my cousins and their children. This year we had 8 kids 5 years old and under, and Clisty, such a great helper with all these kids. Whew! It made for a very FUN day! My mom and Aunt Connie rented a bouncy house for all the kids. It was great! Although we all took turns bouncing with the kids, Uncle Craig definitely gets the prize for being the most fun! The kids constantly begged him to get in there with him and he almost always obliged. Thank you, Craig!

In addition to the bouncy house, we played cornhole, baseball, rode bicycles/tricycles, played a little basketball, ran through the sprinkler, and ate a lot of good food. We were blessed with good weather and basically spent the entire day outside until supper. Ethan had a great day crawling around in the grass and playing outside. He was so happy all day long, despite the fact that he never got a nap! I don’t think Carter and Seth stopped playing all afternoon. After eating a small supper (too stuffed from a big lunch), we drove home. Little Ethan was asleep 3 minutes after pulling out of the driveway! Seth followed pretty quickly while Carter and Ella Ann stayed awake in the backseat of the van. We had no problem with bedtime. They were all asleep instantly!

Where they spent most of the day!

Ethan having so much fun!

My boys and Uncle Craig. They LOVE him!

Ethan and Clisty. He loved having Clisty carry him around.
I wish I were closer but I loved this picture of Spencer and Rane riding tricycles. So cute!

Ethan playing a little cornhole. 🙂 He would grab a beanbag, climb up, and put it in the hole.

Where Ethan stayed most of the day. He was either down in the grass or standing up between someone’s legs. By the way, this onesie is in the trash. There is NO way I can get all the stains out. 🙂

Seth really wanted to include his silly face. Can you tell that he is the clown of our family? 🙂

The big kids watching Max and Ruby while we fix their dinner. They were SO tired at this point.

All of the babies got baths before we headed home. Randomly, Danielle, Katie, and I all bought these outfits for our babies this summer (not planned). After we realized (through pictures) that they all had the same outfit, we thought it would be cute to get a picture of these cute little blond headed babies together (Harrison, Ethan, and Rane). Aren’t they adorable? Can’t wait to have them play more together next year!

A continuation of the baby photo shoot. I love this picture of Rane just chillin’ in the chair. What a big boy!

Our little happy (LOUD) baby. I love that the other boys are wondering what is going on with Ethan.

Carter starts Kindergarten Tuesday. I’m not sure whether I’ll cry or not…stay tuned! Hopefully, I’ll have pictures up on Tuesday night.

One thought on “Family Reunion 2010

  1. Ha!!! I love that last picture of the 3 boys! That is hilarious! We miss you guys already! Thanks again for letting us stay with you! I enjoyed your Texas Cavier last night and for lunch today! Yummm! Hope all goes well tomorrow! I will pray for you and Carter and can't wait to hear how it went!


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