I can hardly believe that summer is almost over. At least our summer at home all together. Carter went for Kindergarten testing yesterday and has one more week at home before he starts school. He is SO excited and honestly, so am I. I am sad that he will be away from me so much, but I feel like he is ready and needs this. It will be a hard adjustment, but I am so excited to get involved at his school and watch him learn. I guess it is the teacher in me. šŸ™‚

Since I have been rather lazy updating the blog this summer, I am going to post several pictures chronicling our summer. We have enjoyed many pool days, play dates, and lazy days at home. Although we spent a lot of time at the pool, I don’t have any pictures. It is hard enough to keep track of three kids at the pool, I definitely don’t have the time to take pictures. šŸ™‚

Fourth of July get together. The kids loved the sparklers. There was so much smoke in the backyard!

Trying to get a picture of Seth and Ethan. I couldn’t get either one of them to sit still. šŸ™‚

The whole gang of kids!
I don’t know what it is with boys and guns, swords, bombs, etc… Both of my boys are obsessed. I am convinced this is normal with all boys because I definitely haven’t encouraged it. These cowboy guns are their latest favorites.

This sweet boy wears me out daily. I love him to pieces, but he is into EVERYTHING. I feel like I am constantly pulling him out of the fireplace, trash can, shoe bench, steps, bathroom, etc… Another of Ethan’s favorite places…

He loves to climb on the train table and throw everything off. Then he screams until we help him down. What a mess!

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up to find one of the big trees in our backyard split down the middle during the night. It landed right on our swing set, but thankfully, did not damage it. Zach and a friend spent the entire afternoon chopping down the branch and cleaning up the backyard. It was a big job!

Another view of the tree. I wasn’t happy when I saw this picture. I’m not sure why Zach let the boys hang out underneath the tree, but I guess that is one of the differences between a mom and a dad.

Zach and Carter ready to go play golf. Carter had so much fun and I know Zach did as well. I think they look so much alike in this picture.

The boys love playing in the sprinkler. This has been one of their favorite things this summer.

My big Kindergartner!

One thought on “Summer

  1. I love all the pictures! I know you'll be glad when Carter starts school….life is weird now without EA around most of the day, but I am enjoying the peace and time to myself! Ethan is such a nut….reminds me of another little boy I know! šŸ™‚ See you in a few days!


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