Happy Father’s Day!

We had a great Father’s Day at home today. After a crazy (but very fun) weekend, we were ready for a quiet day at home. The boys couldn’t wait to give Zach his Father’s Day gift, so they gave it to him before breakfast. We picked out some Star Wars cookie cutters and a new cell phone cover. I’m sure you can imagine what the boys were excited about. They have been wanting to make those cookies for two weeks!

Zach and the boys before church.

After church, we went to Five Guys for lunch (Zach’s pick). The boys love to eat there and I think Ethan ate more than anyone else at the table. He loves to eat! After lunch, we all came home and took a nap. The boys have still not recovered from VBS and a few late nights lately for birthday parties. They are so grouchy and irritable, I am praying for a calm week, so that I can have my happy boys back.

Zach, Carter, and Seth spent most of the afternoon outside. They helped Zach trim bushes, ate popsicles, and had a water balloon fight. Poor Ethan, I know he really wants to be outside, but until he can walk it is hard. I have to hold him and he doesn’t like that because he wants down. Very frustrating for both of us.

We ended the day making and decorating cookies. Overall, it was a great day. My boys are so lucky to have such a good Daddy. Thank you for all you do, Zach!!

Rolling out the dough.

Look at their faces. So excited to see the shapes!

Seth hangs in there the whole time. He loves to lick the spoon.

Showing off their final product!

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