Road Trip

Last Friday we got back in the car and started the 7 hour trip to Fredericktown, Ohio. Although we were not anxious to repeat a long car trip with the boys, we were excited to visit some of Zach’s family in Ohio. Because of the long drive, we don’t go there very often, although we always enjoy our time with them. On Friday, we drove to Louisville (halfway) and stopped to spend the night. We quickly learned that we have outgrown a regular size hotel room. There was barely room for all our stuff and the pack and play! It took FOREVER to get the boys to bed. They were so hyper and so excited about the weekend. Needless to say, we were up early the next morning and on our way.

We arrived at our hotel in Columbus mid-day, unpacked, and headed to Chris and Laurie’s house. (Fredericktown is not a big city and didn’t have a hotel for us to stay at.) Chris is Zach’s uncle. They have two boys, Tyler and Cody, and we were there to celebrate Tyler’s high school graduation.

We stayed at their house until dinner time. Zach took the boys and I back to the hotel for the night. He went to graduation and I stayed with the boys, gave them baths, ordered pizza, and put them to bed (lucky me, huh?). It went much smoother than the night before. I think they were exhausted from the day.

On Sunday, we helped Tyler celebrate at his graduation party. It was a nice party and a lot of people came. The weather was nice and the boys were able to play outside the entire afternoon. They kept the teenage girls busy. At one time I looked over and Seth was sitting in a porch swing with two girls. He had his feet up and was eating a cupcake while talking to these two girls! It was so funny! They definitely had a great time.

On Monday, we headed home. The boys were great in the car and the trip went by fast (so thankful). We are glad to be home and glad to stay put for a while. We had a great trip and enjoyed seeing our family in Ohio. Now, we’re looking forward to VBS next week!!

Tyler giving his speech as the valedictorian.
Got the diploma!

Chris, Tyler, and Laurie

Tyler, Cody, and the boys!

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