Ethan’s first haircut

I decided on Monday night that Ethan needed to get his haircut before his one year pictures on Wednesday. I didn’t want much cut, but the back and the hair over his ears really needed to be cut. I took him in on Tuesday and I thought he would do great. After all, he has seen the boys do this monthly since he was born. I was wrong. He cried and screamed and tried to wiggle out of the chair the entire time. Thank goodness it was just a trim because I think it would have been impossible to give him a complete cut. The pictures aren’t great because I was trying to keep Carter and Seth out of the way while helping Becky keep Ethan still so she could cut his hair.

The before picture. He definitely had some wings over his ears.

For those of you who have been around Ethan lately, you know how loud he is. Just imagine his voice echoing all over the whole salon. So thankful that is was not busy at all.

Trying to push Miss Becky’s hand away.

“Please someone get me out of this chair!”

All done! Amazing what a little trim will do. I love it!

2 thoughts on “Ethan’s first haircut

  1. Oh he's so handsome! Mason absolutely hates haircuts and it didn't get better until his FOURTH one!! What is it with haircuts? And I can't believe how big sweet Ethans is getting! I love his chubby cheeks and dimples! Little boys are such blessings!


  2. 3 boys! How wonderful! I have 2 girls who are teenagers now.I remember the first haircut days!!!How old are your boys?


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