Happy Birthday, Ethan!

I can’t believe Ethan is one! One year ago today we were beginning a long journey with this sweet baby. He completely took us by surprise and changed our world instantly. After such a traumatic birth, we were so concerned about our sweet baby in the nicu. He was so tiny, but at 5 pounds, 6 ounces, he had such an advantage over most 32-week gestation babies.

This was the first time I saw Ethan. Zach was with him as soon as he came out of the delivery room.

This picture really shows how tiny he was. His weight dropped down to around 4.5 pounds in the week after he was born. Zach drove to the nicu every night after putting Carter and Seth to bed and stayed until 9:30. Such a good daddy!

Snuggled up on his belly in the incubator. The temperature inside the box was about 90 degrees.

We spent 17 days going to the nicu twice a day. I would go every morning and Zach would go every night. Arranging childcare for my older boys (thank you to great family and friends!) and then only being able to spend an hour or so with Ethan was hard. I can remember feeling so conflicted. I felt like Carter and Seth needed me at home, but leaving Ethan by himself in that little incubator was SO hard. I remember telling myself the whole way home that he was fine, cared for, and in the right place. Finally, on day 17 (a Sunday), we received word that we could bring Ethan home. I have never been more happy to have all three of my kids sleeping under the same roof. What a relief!

Ethan home for the first time!

First time Carter was allowed to hold him.

First time Seth held Ethan.

Now, at 12 months, you would never know that this little guy was a premie. Beginning at 6 months old, he has passed both Carter and Seth in weight at every doctor appointment. At one year, Carter weighed 19 pounds, Seth weighed right at 20 pounds, and Ethan is topping the scales at 23 pounds! This boy loves to eat!

Ethan at 12 months old:

  • Super fast crawler! He (of course) has shown no interest in walking but can get anywhere he wants by crawling. He knows how to crawl up stairs and is beginning to show signs that he is going to be a climber.
He climbs in my warming drawer just about every day.

He pulls up to everything!
  • LOVES to eat. He will eat anything – cucumbers, tomatoes, meat, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, any vegetable, etc… The only thing he has refused is mashed potatoes and honeydew. His favorite right now is macaroni and cheese. When he runs out of food on his plate (which happens quickly!), he starts banging on his tray and talking. Maybe this is why he already weighs 23 pounds…
He loves his sippy cup of milk and just started using the Snack Trap yesterday.
  • LOVES his big brothers (and the feeling is reciprocated). He wants to do whatever they are doing and will get right in the middle of them (they don’t necessarily love that though). Carter and Seth can make him laugh more than anyone else.
All three boys resting after some play time with Daddy.
  • Still a super good baby. He doesn’t cry very often unless it is meal time or he has missed a nap. He is very flexible (thank goodness because with two older siblings he doesn’t always stay on schedule). He takes two naps a day for (usually) an hour and half each.
  • Says Dada all the time and every once in a while I’ll get a mama. He usually only says mama when he is crying or whining to be picked up. I figure he’ll say Carter and Seth before he gets the hang of mama. đŸ™‚
  • He loves for us to read books to him. This is about the only time that he’ll sit still.
  • He is an explorer. He really doesn’t require that much attention because he is always going. He gets into everything, but I figure that is his way of learning. We just keep all bathroom doors closed (loves potty water and toilet paper) and keep the gate closed.

  • He is a snuggler. I finally have a baby that loves to snuggle! He will put his head on my shoulder and let me rock him for a while before bed. LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday, Ethan!! We love you so much!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ethan!

  1. This was such a good post Mandy. I cannot believe it has already been a year since that crazy day in may one year ago today. It is amazing to see how far he has come and to be 23lbs! wow! The pictures are so cute of him and I have never seen the one of him after he was born, all wrapped up and touching your finger….what an adorable picture.


  2. Such a cutie. I had forgotten how long he was in the nicu. Our babies will be graduating pre-k before we know it.


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