Easter and Owensboro

We spent Easter weekend in Owensboro with my parents and brother. We have not been able to get back to Kentucky since Christmas. Every time we planned a trip, Nashville got a couple of inches of snow. That pretty much shuts down everything and we were stuck at home. I am so glad we were able to come this weekend and that we experienced awesome Spring weather!

We got here late Friday afternoon. Ethan had a rough day on Friday and I felt certain he was on his way to another ear infection. Thankfully, after a good night sleep, he has been fine. On Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt outside and spent the rest of the day playing outside. We tried sitting Ethan down in the grass for a picture, but he screamed immediately. Hopefully he’ll get used to the grass soon because we spend a lot of time outside during the summer. 🙂 In addition to playing at Mom and Dad’s, Zach and Carter went over to visit Brooke and her family while the two other boys took naps. Hopefully, we can spend some more time with them soon.

On Easter Sunday, the boys ran down the stairs to see what the Easter Bunny had left them. They were very excited about all of their surprises! Carter loved his Clone Wars figure and Telling Time book, while Seth was excited about his new “work glubs” (gloves) and large coloring pad. Ethan didn’t seem too impressed with his new pacifiers and meat sticks. 🙂

Unfortunately, Zach and Uncle Craig had to leave after church to get back home for a week of work. The boys and I are staying for a few days before we head back home (it is the boys’ spring break week at preschool). Carter, Seth, and Papa spent the afternoon on the tennis courts and at the park. Needless to say, they were exhausted. I just finished tucking them in and haven’t heard a peep! Here are the pictures from our Easter weekend.

Coloring eggs on Saturday morning.

Hunting eggs in Nana and Papa’s backyard.

Seth found a few and then just wanted to stop and see what was inside the eggs.

Ethan wanted to be held the entire time. I’m thinking he is going to be quite spoiled when we get back home later this week. 🙂

Both of the boys with full baskets.

Easter morning checking out their baskets.

Ethan didn’t even look in his basket before he crawled away to find something else to get into.

My boys before church. They looked so cute in their seersucker shorts and navy polos.

A pretty good attempt at family picture. 🙂

One thought on “Easter and Owensboro

  1. Sounds like you all had a fantastic Easter weekend and I'm glad you get to stay at your parent's house for a few days! I love all the pictures! I can't wait to put Rane in the outfit that matches the boys' in Destin…I can even coordinate w/EA!


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