Spring Program

Both of the boys participated in their preschool spring program this week. They love to sing and have been practicing their songs at home for several weeks now. I am amazed that neither one of them has any stage fright since I definitely do not like being up in front of people. They did great singing with their class and Carter even got to participate in a special presentation for the director, Miss Kelly.

I can’t believe that this was Carter’s final preschool program. He has had such a great experience and I know he will miss all his sweet friends and teachers (I know I will!). During every program I am reminded how blessed we are to attend such a great church and preschool with so many Godly examples for our kids.

Carter is on the very end in the green shirt.

Singing “Dancin’ Feet”

Carter carrying the flowers to Miss Kelly. She is retiring this year and the kids will miss her so much!!

Seth is in the center in the yellow shirt and he is waving.

Seth singing “Great Big Frog.” Seth did a great job singing and could be heard over every other child. It was really funny. He is definitely not shy and loves to perform!

Trying to get a group shot after the program. The boys were very distracted because we were going to the zoo right after the program. It was a great day!

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