Carter and the Cardinals

Today was Carter’s first baseball game. I can’t believe I have a little boy old enough to play baseball. Carter has loved going to practice and having his Daddy as the coach. It was very cold when we left this morning, but it warmed up as they played. Carter got to play 2nd base and batted 5th. In the league they don’t keep score at the 5 year old level. Every player bats each inning and they play for an hour. I’m glad it is done that way, because I’m not sure either team would have ever gotten 3 outs! It was a great first game and we are looking forward to many, many more!

Ready to go! It was cold this morning, but warmed up quickly.

Coach Zach encouraging all his little players.

I don’t see how he sees anything as low as he keeps his hat, but that is how he likes it! πŸ™‚

Ready at 2nd base to field the ball.

Ethan had to wear his winter hat and coat this morning. Crazy spring weather! As usual, he was great at the game. Just played with his keys and didn’t get fussy until the end.

Carter up to bat for the first time.

He got a hit! He made it around all the bases for a score!

Waiting at 3rd to run home. What a great game!

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