Bath night

I haven’t had much time for writing, so I’ll just post some pictures from tonight. The boys were so hyper and had so much fun together.

Ethan playing in the tent before bed. He loved it!

What a little cutie!

All clean after his bath and happy in Mommy’s arms.

I wish I could post all the pictures we took trying to get a good one. Seth’s faces are so funny and Ethan is trying to crawl away in most of them. 🙂 We love their matching pjs…it was a special gift when we had Ethan.

My sweet baby!

One more attempt…but it quickly turned into this:

I think everything ends with a little wrestling – at least at this house.

One thought on “Bath night

  1. I love all the cute pictures of them in their matching pajamas! So adorable! Ethan is such a happy baby….what a cutie! We just saw him last month and already he looks different!


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