Happy Birthday, Carter!

It seems amazing to me that I have a 5 year old. Five years ago–after a long night at the hospital (we arrived at Baptist about Midnight), our first, perfect little miracle made his way in to this big, scary world. A team from the NICU was there, just in case, since he was 5-weeks early, but they were not needed. They did want to get him under a warmer sooner rather than later but Zach was able to go with him to the nursery. Little did we know that the sleep that we lost that night was a foreshadow of things to come (the next 4-hour stretch of contiguous sleep we would get would be 4-months down the road).

Just about everyone agreed that Carter looked like the Jensen side of the family from the get-go. Regardless of who he looked like, we were just thrilled that our little one was finally here. It didn’t matter that the clothes were not washed or that the car seat was barely out of the box. Carter’s home was ready and so were the new mom and dad.

A little about Carter at 5 years old:

  • He is definitely my most sensitive child. He can be very emotional.
  • He is becoming a little harder to discipline. A year ago it only took a look and a warning and he would stop. That is changing. He definitely is testing his limits and has his own opinions about everything (and he is definitely not afraid to share them).
  • He loves to help me clean and organize. He asks at least once a week if we can organize something together. I love it!
  • He is so good with his little brothers. Although he does get tired of being followed around, most of the time he loves to play with Seth and Ethan.
  • He loves school and loves to learn. He loves doing art and making things. He is VERY excited about going to Kindergarten.
  • He still LOVES sports. He is currently playing baseball, but we have already talked about tennis lessons and basketball camp for this summer. He practices some type of sport almost every day and does not give up easily.
  • He is still so skinny! Seth is catching up with him fast and I am afraid he will be 6 by the time he gets to move into a booster seat (40 pounds).

Happy birthday little man…every day of the past 5 years has been a blessing and we’re looking forward to many, many more.

Carter opening his birthday presents.

He was very excited about his new driver and really wants to go to The Little Course in Franklin to play some golf.

Carter and his Daddy.

Carter and his Mommy.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Carter!

  1. We had a great time at Carter's party! I truly cannot believe our boys are 5…the time really does fly by.


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