Seth’s birthday party

We celebrated Seth’s birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese. He had so much fun celebrating with his friends! It was also a special night because he gave all his pacifiers away. He decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to trade his pappies in for a trip to Chuck-e-Cheese. He was so excited to give them to the employee at the door. She gave him a token as a trade. He played his special token at the duck game (one of his favorites). The machine was evidently broken because at the end of his first game, the tickets started pouring out. We couldn’t get them to stop. After it was all done, we got 250 tickets! We tried to return them but the employees insisted that we keep them. Such a special gift for being such a big boy and giving up such a big thing in his life. 🙂 We are so proud of him!

Showing off 2 of his tickets.

Playing alien ski ball while Chuck-e watches. He loves this game, but has a really hard time getting his balls in the hole. It takes about 10 minutes to get all 5 balls in…it requires a lot of patience. 🙂
Seth and his buddy, Reid, playing air hockey.

And this is what Ethan did…sleep! He slept through most of the party. We were lucky to have Zach’s mom there to take care of him. It helped SO much!

Seth loved opening all his presents.

Seth picked out a Diego theme for his party.

Blowing out all 3 of his candles!

Look at all these sweet boys! I think they were debating who was going to be the captain when they started playing again. 🙂

My crazy boy! He ate 4 pieces of pizza that night!

These guys were on a complete sugar high at the end of the night. They were dancing in front of the blue screen while Ella played cameraman. They had SO much fun!

Our sweet boy finally woke up and met…


Our family of 5!

One thought on “Seth’s birthday party

  1. What a great party! Looks like everyone had a blast!! I cannot believe you got 250 tickets!! Wow! Did you get an enormous stuffed animal that feels like a brick? 🙂


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