Christmas 2009: Round 3

We left Owensboro around 2 on Christmas Eve. Our church has had a Christmas Eve service for the last few years and it has become one of our favorite traditions. We arrived back in Brentwood right in time for the service. We were blessed to be surrounded by our friends as we sung Christmas songs and lit a candle in honor of His birth. It was special. After the service, we raced home to get dinner on the table. The boys were excited to get home because they get to open one gift on Christmas Eve from us. As I finished up dinner, they each opened a gift. After dinner, we sprinkled reindeer dust on our front yard, laid out cookies for Santa, and read “Twas the Night before Christmas.” Finally, the boys were in bed. šŸ™‚

The next morning was so fun! They actually remembered when they woke up about Santa and watned to rush down the stairs to check out their gifts (first year that they remembered). We spent a great morning together enjoying new toys and the boys’ excitement.

Zach’s family came down for lunch and spent the afternoon. Carter and Seth loved playing nerf guns with Tyler and Cody and Ethan enjoyed spending extra time in his Grandma’s lap. Overall, it was such a great day!

Here are the pictures:

The boys hanging their stockings up before bed (Ethan had already been in bed for a while).

Cookies, milk, and carrots ready for Santa and his reindeer. (funny story – The next morning Seth was very disturbed to find the carrots gone. He could not believe that the reindeer came in our house to eat them. He said, “That is not supposed to happen!”)

Running to check out their stockings and presents that morning!

They went straight to their stockings…didn’t even glance at the gifts.

Making sure he gets it all out…

Carter’s big gift – a bat cave. He loves it!

Seth checking out his gifts.

Carter helping Ethan open his presents. Ethan didn’t mind because all he wanted to do was…

eat the paper! šŸ™‚

Seth playing with his remote control truck and geotrax.

After all the unwrapping (and the 45 minutes it takes to get it all out of the package), it was finally time to play.

The rest of the day was either ax fighting (yes, they all 3 got a styrofoam ax in their stocking – not my idea) or nerf gun shooting. They had SO much fun!

Ethan hanging out with his Grandma and his new musical seahorse.
Our little superhero!

Of course, we can’t leave out Wolverine.

One thought on “Christmas 2009: Round 3

  1. Love the pics! And I know this wasn't the point of the post, but your p.j.s are the cutest! Ha! šŸ™‚ Do you always just wear cute pajamas like that? Mine consist of one of Marc's x-large t-shirts! NOT cute at all!


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