Disney – day five (Sunday)

Sunday was our catch-up day. We had been to every park 2 or 3 times (except Epcot). There were still a few things we wanted to do. We really wanted to see the Nemo show at Animal Kingdom. We all loved the Lion King show and had heard great things about the Nemo show. We went over to Animal Kingdom on Sunday morning and rode a few rides before the show started around 10am.

Our little “Goofy” playing in Animal Kingdom!

They had a dinosaur ride that is very similar to Dumbo. We rode it over and over again and the boys loved it! Carter thought he was so big since he got to ride in the front by himself.

Zach rode Expedition Everest while we rode the dinosaurs one more time. Then the boys and I went and waited in line for Nemo. Again, we were amazed at the show! It was so good and the boys loved it. Seth cried when we left. He would have sat through it again. He still says his favorite part was Nemo and The Lion King.

One of the other things we wanted to do was visit some of the Pixar characters at Hollywood Studios. Seth wanted to see Mr. Incredible and Carter wanted to see the Power Rangers (not sure why – he has never seen the show). Unfortunately by this point in the day, Carter was sick. He rode in the back of the stroller and slept. Although he didn’t get to see the Power Rangers, Seth was able to get his picture made with Mr. Incredible.

We had dinner reservations at the Sci-fi Theatre. It was such a neat restaurant. We ate in “cars”, had car-hops for waitresses, and watched old sci-fi movies while we ate. It was great to enjoy some diner food after all the buffets we had eaten the last few days. Poor Carter slept on my lap the entire meal. Seth loved it. Here he is enjoying his sundae!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for bed for the last time. On our way, the boys wanted to pose for one last picture outside our hotel.

It was an amazing week but we were all ready to go home and see Ethan. The boys asked about him every day and I missed my baby so much!! I will definitely never forget the boys’ first week at Disney. It was magical in so many ways!

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