Disney – day two (Thursday)

Our first full day started very early in the morning. We had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey’s at 7:20. We had to ride a bus to the Magic Kingdom and then catch the monorail to the Contemporary. The boys were so excited to eat breakfast with Mickey and Donald that they didn’t mind the early wake-up time. We fixed our plates, started to eat, and 5 minutes later Goofy walked out the kitchen door. I loved seeing the boys’ faces when he first walked out – so sweet! Goofy was followed by Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and finally Pluto. It was a great way to start out the vacation.

Look at those smiles!

Seth showing his “goofy” face to Goofy.

Seth was still not 100% on Day 1. He spent a lot of time in my lap. đŸ™‚

Sweet brothers excited to be on Main Street!

We were at the park early so we were able to ride a lot of rides without waiting in line. The boys loved Dumbo!

Daddy and Seth riding “It’s a Small World”

Carter in his ears!

Trying to get a cute picture of the boys in front of the castle.

After lunch at Pecos Bill, we went back to the hotel for a nap. Since we were all in one little room together, Zach and I laid down when the boys did so they would fall asleep quickly. We didn’t plan on taking a nap, but we all woke up 2 hours later and felt much better!

Carter had been asking to ride the Star Wars ride, so we decided to head over to Hollywood Studios and find it. Of course, once we got there, he decided it was too scary and didn’t want to do it. The boys spent a lot of time in the Star Wars gift shop and each got a present from there. After walking out of the store, they both wanted to sit on speeder bike and have their picture made.

We also walked through the Pixar area of Hollywood Studios. We came across the green army man from the Toy Story movie. Several kids were waiting in line to see him and Carter went to the end of the line. All of the sudden, the army man started marching away, but stopped when he got to Carter. He pretended to inspect Carter, looked him over, and then saluted him. He then took Carter’s autograph book, signed it, and marched away. Carter loved it!

Daddy and Carter at the end of a long day. Carter built his own light saber at the Star Wars gift shop. He LOVES it!

Seth is much more into stuffed animals. He had no interest in a light saber, but instead picked out a Jedi Mickey and sleeps with it every night.

One thought on “Disney – day two (Thursday)

  1. Very fun! What a jammed-packed say evne with a nap! We love Pecos Bill's restaurant…it's the only good one in Disney, and I'm sure after eating there you know that isn't saying much! ha! How fun on the light saber…that's a neat thing to do!


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