Ethan – 5 months

I cannot believe my baby is 5 months old! He is SUCH a good baby and so happy. It is so hard to believe that 5 months ago we were making our twice-daily trips down to the nicu to see him. I will never forget those trips or seeing my baby in the nicu, but I am so happy that Ethan is completely healthy and growing just as he should.

Here are some things about Ethan at 5 months old that I want to remember:

  • Ethan is always smiling. It still takes a bit of effort to get him to laugh, but it is never hard to get him to smile.
  • Two weeks ago he started rolling over (back to belly). It made for a couple of rough nights when he would roll over and get frustrated because he couldn’t roll back. After 2 nights of this, he realized that sleeping on his belly was much better and now he is a tummy sleeper. It makes for a great nights sleep (7p-7a) and good naps!
  • This past week he started sitting in the exersaucer and jumperoo and loves being up so that he can see everything going on.
  • He LOVES to eat. We haven’t started baby food yet (I usually wait till 6 months old), but I plan to start as soon as I return from Disney. He drinks about 32-35 ounces of milk a day. Because of this…
  • He is actually a little chunky for his age. I can’t believe my 5 pound premie weighs 16 pounds at 5 months old. Carter was 14 lbs and Seth was 15 lbs. Amazing!
  • Although we still see features of Carter and Seth in Ethan, he has definitely developed his own little look. His hair is really starting to grow back…all except his little bald spot in the back. 🙂

Ethan hanging out in his bumbo seat before Church on Wednesday:

Still a little floppy in the seat…

Our cute little dinosaur ready for Trunk-or-Treat:

Loving the jumperoo!

Again…the bumbo seat.

First time in the exersaucer. He was so fascinated by the toys he wouldn’t look up for the picture.

2 thoughts on “Ethan – 5 months

  1. So cute…love all the smiles and those cheeks! I remember when you got those frog overalls…super cute! I also like the new blog header photo.


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