Hilton Head 2009

We had such a great vacation this year! It came at a perfect time – our family really needed a break from the routine and the stress. For the first time, we decided to brave the 9.5 hour trip and do it all in one day (instead of our normal stop halfway to spend the night). We decided that sleeping in a hotel room with three kids would be too hard and definitely not worth the break. I’m glad we did it, because the drive went really well. Ethan did not cry at all on the way down. He is SUCH a different baby than Carter and Seth were. (and I am so VERY thankful for that!)

I think Carter and Seth started running and playing the minute we got there and didn’t stop the entire week. They had so much fun and loved being with Ella Ann and Rane and all their other family. We spent the week hanging out together at the beach house, pool, and ocean. We ate out several times and also cooked some meals at home (dining out with 5 kids under 5 presents some challenges!). Zach and I also escaped for a day trip to Savannah. It was nice to be out alone (with no kiddos) and we loved eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant. Overall, it was a wonderful week and we are so thankful our family could be together! We (Zach) took SO many pictures. I am putting more than usual on the blog because I really want to make a blog book soon – I have decided that right now scrapbooking takes too much time. (Thanks Katie for the inspiration!)

The first few are family shots. We all dressed in khaki/white (just like all the other people taking pictures on the beach). It was so windy on the beach, we had to improvise just a bit. I think they turned out great!

I love these next few of the boys. They were having so much fun! They started out hugging each other and it quickly turned into wrestling! I wish I could post them all…

Sweet Cousins…

The Pool: This is where we spent most of the time. We paid to have it heated this year (thanks Mom and Dad) and it was definitely worth it! All of the kids (minus Ethan) loved the water this year. FINALLY!

Carter was quite our little fish. Here he is hanging out with his Uncle Craig and Aunt Kasey…

He decided he would jump in on Monday. We have asked him to do this numerous times this summer, but of course, he would wait until the end of the summer. He would only jump if Zach caught him. No one else but Daddy.

Proud Carter and Daddy!

On Tuesday, he swam the length of the pool with just his kickboard. I can’t tell you the progress he made in Hilton Head. Just 4 weeks ago he was crying every time we went to swimming lessons. I am SO proud of him and his progress!

On Wednesday, he decided he wanted to wear floaties (again, I have tried ALL summer to get him to wear floaties). He put them on, hopped in the water, and basically spent the rest of the week in the pool. He had SO much fun!

And Seth…what can I say – a true Seth picture. He is really into making faces right now. He shows everyone (including the bagger at Publix) his funny faces. It definitely makes people laugh! He did love the water this week. He hung out on the steps most of the week, but would get in the water if I would carry him around. He had a lot of fun in the pool. He was not a fan of the beach at all…

The Beach: We spent several mornings there, but not for very long. It was pretty windy and there were not many shells. The boys love finding shells so they got bored pretty quickly when they discovered there weren’t many to find. We did take Ethan down twice and he did NOT like it at all. Too noisy and too much wind.

Ethan in his little swimming trunks…so cute!

Ethan fell in love with the Baby Bjorn this week. He had a rough week and didn’t sleep much at all during the day. If he woke up early from his nap, many days I would strap him in and go for a walk and he would instantly fall back asleep. He definitely got lots of good snuggle time!

Making sandcastles…

Random pictures of the week:

I love this picture of Dad and Carter. They were just hanging out on the porch facing the ocean. Carter will talk and talk if you just sit down and listen to him. He loves spending time with his Papa!

Craig and Kasey picked a Hibatchi restaurant for us to eat at. Seth was a little scared of the fire (when the chef was cooking), but loved the food! He ate all of his broth soup (don’t know the real name) and loved eating his rice with his chopsticks.

Trying to get a good picture of my boys outside. Almost impossible…

Zach and the boys playing Pirate Putt-Putt. Every beach trip MUST include minature golf (at least according to my boys). They had so much fun playing and Carter had made a lot of progress since the last time he played. Seth still hit his ball once and then picked it up, sat it down by the hole, and knocked it in. Carter would get so frustrated with him! 🙂

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