I have really enjoyed having more time with Ethan these past two weeks. Although I miss Carter and Seth during the day, it allows me so much more time with Ethan. He is such a happy baby and so, so, so good! I say it over and over because I have never experienced such a good baby before. He is a great eater, napper, and nighttime sleeper (he currently sleeps from 7p-5a). He smiles all the time now and loves to “talk” with you. He is almost laughing, but hasn’t let out a big belly laugh yet. He is working on trunk and head support, but is doing really well for a premie. Here are some pictures of my baby!

One thought on “Ethan

  1. Ethan is so adorable. I feel like he is always sleeping when I see him. It was great to see him wide-eyed and grinning.


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