While the boys are napping (yes, all three at the same time!), I wanted to post a few pictures from this morning’s sneak-a-peak. Carter will be in the Pre-K class this year and go three days each week. Seth is in the two’s class and will go only 2 days. Carter was SO excited this morning. He has been asking to go back to preschool for over a month now. He loves his friends and loves school. Seth did okay this morning. He didn’t cry, but after about 15 minutes, he started walking to the door and said, “come on mom, let’s go.” 🙂 I know they will both love it!

Carter playing at the cash register. When I asked him if he liked his new preschool room, he said, “Yes! Now that is a nice room!”

Drew, Carter, Seth, and Jackson playing together.

Carter playing on the carpet.

Seth loved this saw in his classroom. He said it was “cool.”

He also loved the puzzles. He loves working puzzles right now. He works the same ones over and over and over…

2 thoughts on “Sneak-a-Peak

  1. So glad Carter and Jackson are together again. We are all looking forward to Tuesday and getting back into a weekly routine!


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