The last few weeks…

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks (in random order, thanks to Blogger…anyone else having this problem??). Enjoy!
Seth adores his little brother. He piles animals and blankets on top of him a lot. So far, Ethan doesn’t seem to mind!

What my bed is like every morning…

How I spend many nights at the dinner table. Ethan is a great baby, but pretty much needs constant attention between 5-7 every night.

Seth eating pesto pasta one night. He tried the fork and spoon, but it just didn’t work for him!

What a ham! This is the Seth we know…so funny!

Poor Ethan…already subjected to dress up by his older brothers! Zach was trying to read to Ethan and the boys kept bringing in hats to try on him.

Zach and Ethan before church.

Ethan and his Mommy! Look at his long (skinny) legs!

Ethan alert and looking around in his bouncy seat.

Carter playing in the sprinklers at the Nashville Zoo. This picture reminds me how skinny the little guy is. I think you can count every rib in his body!

Seth checking out the meerkats at the zoo.

Carter posing with the giraffe. He loves big characters…good news for our upcoming trip to Disney!

One thought on “The last few weeks…

  1. Cute pics Mandy! I can't believe how big Ethan is getting! I can't wait to finally hold him in 2 weeks! I may not share with the fam! 🙂


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