Adjusting to three…

It feels so good to have everyone home together. Ethan is doing great at home! We have been to the doctor for a few weight checks and he is gaining weight nicely. He is still hanging out in the 1% on the growth chart and I imagine he will stay there for quite a while. Carter and Seth love having him here. Carter is really sweet with him, but doesn’t pay too much attention to him. On the other hand, Seth adores him and asks for him constantly. He LOVES to put Ethan’s hat on him and rub his little head. He is doing a great job as a big brother. 🙂 Here is a picture of Ethan’s sweet big brothers.
My mom was able to come and stay last week to help us adjust to having three kids in the house. She was such a big help. She helped us out with nighttime feedings and keeping the older ones entertained during the day. It was so nice to have someone help get lunches and dinners ready, give baths, laundry, and whatever else needed to be done. We definitely miss her this week!
This week has gone really well. I think we are all going a little crazy trapped in this house all day, every day, but other than that, I think the adjustment to three kids has been okay (not easy, but not hard). It helps that Ethan sleeps all the time! He is on a great 3 hour schedule (compliments of the nicu) and pretty much just wakes up to be fed, have his diaper changed, a little cuddle time, and then back to sleep. I have never had a baby do that before. I don’t know if it will last, but I’ll take it for now. 🙂 Here are some pictures of the last few weeks (sorry the order is so crazy, I cannot get blogger to cooperate today).

Some of our friends from church brought Ethan a present and brought Carter and Seth a slip-n-slide. Carter loves it (and Seth is slowly warming up to it)! It has been great with all the hot weather!

Checking out the sprinklers and just not sure…

All the boys of the house!

Showing off one of his new premie outfits after his bath.

I love this picture. He is so long and skinny! I definitely think he now looks more like Carter than Seth.

I can’t believe I got a picture with everyone’s eyes open and looking at the camera!

3 thoughts on “Adjusting to three…

  1. I love all the pictures…especially the last one of the three brothers. There is a special bond between brothers.


  2. Oh so sweet Mandy! I'm so glad the adjustment to 3 has gone well and that Ethan is such a good baby! That little hat on him is precious….it still looks big! Awwww! love,Katie


  3. great pictures! so glad he is going well and you guys are adjusting. again, i extend my offer to help out ANY time!!


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